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Virtual Doctor

A virtual doctor consultation offers you the ultimate in convenience - an online doctors appointment from where-ever you are, at a time to suit you.

We are very pleased to be able to offer virtual consultations by video link. As you can imagine these appointments offer the ultimate in convenience for you. We have been running this online GP service since 2019. We can offer management of your long term health conditions, diagnosing new issues, assessing mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, arthritis, thyroid disorders, skin complaints etc. Virtual doctor appointments can move beyond the need for a physical examination if we can get other information from you - so for example if you need to manage your high blood pressure, where we would normally check your BP in the consultation, if you have BP cuff at home, or have recently had your blood pressure checked in the pharmacy, then we have enough good quality information to proceed.

Online doctor consultations are only possible whilst you are in New Zealand territory (if overseas our doctors are not licensed to manage your care - and your medical care is governed by the rules of that country - so seek local help please).

To book an online doctor consultation please register with this website and book your appointment time. Our fees are very simple, and include the instant sending of prescriptions to ANY New Zealand pharmacy (including the delivery pharmacies such as Zoom, and the newer pharmcies such as Chemist Warehouse for your free prescriptions). We pride ourselves on running to time, but please allow yourself sufficient time to get the video working at your end. When you book your appointment you will be sent intructions which include a self-test page so you can check its all going to work on your device/browser. (A quick word on browsers - if you are on iPhone please use Safari, on Android devices please use Chrome, and on Windows/Macs/Linux machines you can use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.)

The more information you can provide (for example blood pressure, peak flow, current medictaions etc) - the better and more smoothly things will run. If you take a photo of a rash or skin lesions, you can reply to the appointment invite and we will be able to see and discuss it during your appointment.

If you need to cancel an appointment, please do this at the earliest opportunity - just reply to the appointment email and let us know.

Enrol with us

It's very easy to enroll with MedOnline. You can complete the online form, book and have an on-line doctors appointment in minutes.

Simply enroll with our online doctor now.

Online Doctor NZ

MedOnline is New Zealand's leading provider of on-line doctor consultations. Our service provides you access to a GP. You can see an online GP where-ever you are in New Zealand.

If you want to speak to one of our doctors please send us your details through the website and we will be in contact to schedule your consultation.

NZ Medical insurance cover

Do you have NIB or Southern Cross insurance cover? If you do, your consultation may be FREE if your policy includes GP consultations.

Want to talk?

Book an appointment for a video consultation with a qualified New Zealand GP, who can discuss all this with you. If appropriate, we can arrange for the medications to be precsribed and delivered to you. If you have questions please contact the online doctor and ask

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