MedOnline offer virtual GP consultations - the most convenient way to see a GP, at a time to suit you

MedOnline specialise in offering virtual GP consultations, by online video call.

This gives you the ultimate in convenience

MedOnline hopes that you find this service useful. We are currently the only service that offers actual online appointments with real GPs. (There will be other services soon, but we don't think they will be offering doctors who have gone on to further train as GPs).

We have certainly found that video calls are extremely useful for assessment of patients with long term conditions, stable mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, or diagnosing new conditions like thyroid problems, arthritis or erectile dysfunction. The value of online video consultations can be expanded if we can get more validated information, so if you get a blood pressure reading taken at your local pharmacy, or multiple readings over time using your own BP machine, this all adds to the value of our telemedicine sevrice.

Any extra information you can provide such as temperature, blood pressure readings, heart rate (pulse), and your latest peak flow reading (if asthmatic) would certainly be helpful. If you have a rash, we would prefer you take the time to get a few good pictures of these and email them through in advance - this will give us a better quality image than on a video consultation.

Virtual consultations are only possible when you are in New Zealand. If you are abroad, we are not licensed to manage your care (and you need to see a local doctor).

To book a virtual consultation please register on our site, and book! It is that simple and easy. Our fees include the instant sending of any prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice. You can pick any NZ pharmacy, and there are also online delivery pharmacies such as Zoom Pharmacy if you want added convenience or privacy. Our online appointment times available are all visible on the Book Now page. If there is another time you need, you can ask us and we might be able to offer some extra times as needed.

We have appointments available almost every day of the week, and always saturday and sunday.

Want to talk?

Book an appointment for a video consultation - we can see you quickly, at a convenient time for you.

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