MedOnline offers virtual PrEP consultations that can be done from anywhere in NZ!

For $65 MedOnline can have a virtual PrEP consultation with you, this cost includes GP consultation, lab test form and review of results, Special Authority and a prescription send to any NZ pharmacy of your choice (if PrEP is right for you).

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What is a virtual PrEP Clinic?

To help even more people to safely access PrEP in New Zealand, MedOnline has partnered with NZAF to provide a way to talk to a doctor about PrEP without even leaving the house.

Our virtual clinic is a video call where we guide you through the process of getting a PrEP prescription - even if you are not eligible for NZ public healthcare. As well as talking about the important stuff you need to know when you're on PrEP.

Why do I need a doctor's appointment?

To safely be on PrEP - you need to get blood, urine and swab tests at the start, then every 3 months after. These checkups help you stay well and help your doctor keep track of how your body is reacting to PrEP.

By doing this through MedOnline, you can get your checkups from anywhere in the country.

What does it cost to have a PrEP consultation withwith MedOnline?

As MedOnline is an online GP service we can offer a more affordable service than you might be used to.

The initial PrEP consultation costs $65 , which includes your lab test forms, discussion of results, and sending the prescription to your pharmacy if the results mean we can go ahead and get you PrEP. We then check back with you after 1 month for some extra blood tests (also included).

A PrEP prescription covers 3 months, then you’ll need to get your 3-monthly tests and a repeat prescription if you want to continue being on PrEP. Every second appointment can be a simple $32 repeat prescription request (including another set of lab test forms).

The pharmacy prescription charge would generally be $5 (like with most funded prescription medicines in NZ), or free at some pharmacies.

Where can I get tested and where can I get my prescription?

We send your lab test forms via email, and then you can use any NZ lab (Labtests, SCL, Pathlab, etc).

With your prescription - we can send these to any NZ pharmacy of your choice. This can be your local pharmacy, or free pharmacies like Chemist Warehouse, or innovative delivery pharmacies such as Zoom and NZonlineChemist.

I used MedOnline to discuss an issue that I wasn't comfortable talking [about] with my own GP. Dr Rory was friendly and I was able to get the help I need. May 2021

Great service, really easy. Got what I've been trying to get from my old GP, but without the long wait! Jan 2020

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