We are an online GP Service.

We offer a range of services, however only those which are appropriate and safe for an online doctor service - for example we cannot listen to your chest, or dip your urine, so for some problems you will still need to see your regular GP or out-of-hours provider. However we can sort a lot of your prescriptions needs. We can send your prescription instantly to any NZ pharmacy, or one of the delivery pharmacy services. We are currently the only online doctor service in NZ which offers actual GPs who have completed their vocational registration and training.

GP Consultations

Talk to a qualified New Zealand GP. We can diagnose, prescribe, offer blood tests and private referrals all via a virtual online doctor consult. We can do off-work medical certificates for your employer (no WINZ or ACC notes yet).

Simple Pricing

We keep it simple. $65 inc GST for a 15 minute GP appointment. $32 inc GST for repeat prescriptions (every other script can usually be a simple repeat request).

Test results

We can request blood and urine tests - we'll email you a form to take to your local Labtests/SCL/Pathlab (depending on where in NZ you are)

Virtual Doctor Video Consultations

NZ Medical Council regulations currently require a face-to-face consultation before prescribing. Use our secure video link from your PC, laptop or mobile device. It's very easy to use - see our FAQ.


Online doctor appointments to fit around your busy life. No need to take time off to see the doctor every few months. We can see you quickly and conveniently with a video telemedicine appointment.


You might not think much about the security of your medical records - but we do! No patient medical data is kept on this website (anything you send to us or we write is kept on our secure server). Our video conference provider is designed with the security and privacy requirements of the healthcare industry in mind - with encrypted video calls.

Online doctor. Anywhere in New Zealand.

With MedOnline you can Book an online doctor appointment any time giving you quick and easy access to trusted medical advice. At any time of day, real NZ doctors are online and ready to answer your questions. For any health questions, our doctors are ready to help.

Our online medical service transforms how people can approach their physical health, wellness and mental health. MedOnline is currently the only NZ online GP Service where people can get answers from not just Doctors but fully trained GPs.

Using our online doctor service, you can send your questions to a doctor or book a video doctors appointment online within minutes. It’s as if you have your very own private Physician!

The online doctor will provide you with the all the medical information you need, and will guide you as you choose a course of treatment, all from the comfort of your home or office. No more sitting in the waiting room for hours just to get some basic information from your doctor; no more self-diagnosis after reading pages and pages of confusing and contradictory online information. With our Online Doctor NZ service, we give you the personalized health information you need to decide on the right treatment for YOU.

Sometimes it seems almost impossible to get an appointment with a doctor or GP. Even if you are able to meet with one, they’re so overbooked that you may not even get enough time to have all your questions and concerns addressed.

Online Doctor

When you need an online doctor in NZ, you want a medical professional who talk to you online with a video telemedicine consultation, so they they can offfer you:

Online GP NZ

Medonline's online doctor can simply book an online GP appointment from our website, and you will be able to see an online doctor within minutes. You can pick a convenient time of your choosing.

Online doctor

MedOnline has been designed by a doctor, to give all the resources we need instantly. We designed our system to enable online prescriptions to be sent instantly to any NZ pharmacy. We can create medical certicates or blood test forms which will be sent to you anywhere in NZ.

Online healthcare needs to be entirely safe, confidential and secure. Our system is built from the ground up to entirely safe. No patient information is kept out our public website.

Users can simply click on Book an online appointment and be connected with an online GP within minutes.

The MedOnline online doctor and app are quick easy and convenient to use. Please contact us via email at contact@medonline.co.nz if you want to experience the best online doctor service in NZ.

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